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Music Makes The World Go Round

As an instrument, the harmonica is uniquely suited to everyone. If you can breathe, you can play. It is the most portable musical instrument on the planet, shared by cultures across the globe for nearly 200 years! In that time, it has been a source of joy by so many countries and musicians for fun and making music professionally.

At Lee Oskar Harmonicas, our goal is to continue that great tradition. As a retailer, it can sometimes be a challenge to sell harmonicas as they are sometimes mis-classified as an accessory or even a toy… HA! 

But we know better than that. A harmonica is a powerful tool. An orchestra in your pocket that you can take with you anywhere!

Use these tools and resources to give you ideas for in-store promotions, and together we can change the perception of the consumer. Harmonicas for ALL!

Key Selling Points

Up-Sell Lee Oskar Harmonicas Creatively


A Harp for Every Customer – Carry the full system to maximize sales potential!

Encourage sales teams to match the musical interests of their customers to our product line. Use our Harp/Genre chart as a sales tool to explore our altered tunings and inspire musical exploration or experimentation. (It pays to carry our full line of products)

Lee Oskar Harmonicas Featured Artist Keb' Mo'

Instruments – The Guitarist’s New Best Friend and Beyond!

Harmonica harmonizes with just about any instrument. Up-sell Lee Oskar harps with Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Piano, Percussion and more!


Strategic Product Placement

Harps are instruments that open up a world of musical possibilities, not merely accessories that are hidden behind a counter. Lee Oskar Harmonicas can be effectively paired and displayed with many other types of instruments, to help consumers make the connection.


Special Effects

Guitar effect pedals, when paired with harmonica, can give musicians a whole new sound! We encourage cross-promotions to inspire experimentation with effect pedals and other accessories that will add variety to music and amp up artistry.

Gifts & Impulse Buys

Lee Oskar Harmonicas make the perfect gift all year long, for music lovers spanning all ages, genres and skill levels. And … the person “who has everything”.