General Brand Campaigns

Core marketing concepts based on Lee Oskar Harmonicas current and past digital/print advertising, consumer and trade magazine PR, social media messaging and ideas for in-store and online retailer promotions.



We’ve partnered with talented photographers and unique individuals from all walks of life to bring this diverse campaign to fruition. For All / For Life campaign demonstrates the versatility and universality of Lee Oskar Harmonica instruments.

Lee Oskar Harmonicas 35th Anniversary

In commemoration of the 35th anniversary of Lee Oskar Harmonicas, we will provide sales incentives and rewards to retail sales teams who meet or exceed established targets during this milestone year. Use these graphic assets to promote your Lee Oskar Harmonicas distribution outlet to earn big!

35th anniversary campaign example

Give the Gift of Music!

If you can breathe, you can play: The perfect gift for anyone who breathes! Taking full advantage of year-end holiday-themed promotions, we focus on the fact that you don’t have to be a virtuoso to play Lee Oskar Harmonicas. Use these graphic assets to promote online retailer giveaways. Details below…

the gift of music campaign example