Lee Oskar Harmonicas Giveaways!

About our giveaways:

Fans often ask how they can have a better chance to win the monthly Lee Oskar Harmonicas giveaway drawing….

When you sign up, you receive a confirmation email from MailChimp, open and follow the instructions to confirm.

We cannot choose specific winners; all names are drawn randomly by an application.  But, there are ways to better your chances of the application picking your name.  Follow these simple steps for a better chance to win.

If you are reading this and you have not won a Lee Oskar Harmonica, then you are still eligible – no matter how long you have been a subscriber.

If someone has unsubscribed – they are no longer eligible to win.

  1. Confirm your email
  2. Add answerdesk@leeoskar.com to your address book (this helps our email from going to spam).
  3. Open your Lee Oskar Newsletters when you receive them.
  4. Click on links (in the newsletter) that you are interested in. More activity raises your chances.
  5. If you see a name that matches your name in the winners list – check your email and your spam folder to see if you received a winners notice!  We do not always have last names to add an initial (we never list full last names).

We wish you all the best!