Marketing Resources

Core marketing concepts based on Lee Oskar Harmonicas current and past digital/print advertising, consumer and trade magazine PR, social media messaging and ideas for in-store and online retailer promotions.

Lee Oskar Marketing Resources

General Branding

Inspiring musical exploration with broadened awareness of the Lee Oskar Harmonicas brand.

Goal: Expand brand recognition and increase overall global market share.

Campaign Examples: For All / For Life, 35th Anniversary, The Gift of Music

Lee Oskar Harmonica System

Focused on core concept marketing through product-based campaigns.

Goal: For audiences to understand product differentiation of the Lee Oskar Harmonicas System, unique features, applications, and boundless musical possibilities.

Goal: Boost buyer potential and interest by conveying the benefits of exploring our full line of products and interchangeable / replaceable components.

Campaign Examples: State of the Harp Technology, ProDesign / Power Harps.

Targeted Marketing & Cross Promotion

Geared toward open, experimental and experienced musicians, songwriters, instrumentalists.

Positioned with product pairing opportunities related to specific instruments/accessories for cross-brand promotions, in-store up-sells, impulse buys, and more.

Campaign Examples: Guitarist’s New Best Friend, Songwriter’s Best Kept Secret, Using Harmonica With Effects.