State of the Harp Technology

Product-Based Differentiation Campaign


Our innovative system differentiates us.

  • One simple, streamlined system with uniform pricing
  • Consistency of quality in materials, design, construction and sound across the entire product line
  • Four distinct models (1 Standard tuning, 3 Altered tunings)
  • Completely interchangeable and replaceable components
    • Easily revive harmonica for the fraction of a cost
    • Mix and match components to create a unique harmonica
  • Interlocking cases slide together
    • Convenient for carrying multiple harps
  • Color-coded tunings for fast, easy indexing
    • 1st & 2nd Playing positions clearly marked on ends of the comb
  • Durable Plastic Combs
    • Precision molded to prevent air leakage
    • Eliminates swelling & shrinkage
    • Projects fully with a sweet and balanced sound
    • Wide chambers and narrow dividers for ease of playing
  • Equal Tuning by Octaves, excellent for single-note lead playing
    • Expertly tuned to 441 plus for a brighter sound

Experience the difference…

Lee Oskar Harmonicas offers one simple, streamlined system, making it easy for retailers to stock up on and sell.

This campaign promotes  the distinguishing features and benefits of the Lee Oskar Harmonicas system and aims to encourage multiple harmonica purchases for exploring musical possibilities and creating a full harp collection.Our harps are known industry-wide for our innovative interchangeable and replaceable system of reed plates, combs and cover plates. This makes the Lee Oskar Harmonicas system highly practical, economical and simple to maintain, especially with our uniform pricing throughout the system. Since components are completely interchangeable, harmonica players can mix and match to create unique harmonicas. Our replaceable components are an exclusive feature, making it possible  to revive a Lee Oskar Harmonica for a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire one.