Targeted Marketing & Cross Promotion

Harmonica Plays Well With Others

Especially Songwriters & Multi-Insturmentalists


Where Does Harmonica Fit?

Answer: Everywhere. 

Our Targeted Marketing and Cross Promotion campaigns are geared toward open, experimental and experienced musicians, songwriters and instrumentalists. Positioned with product pairing opportunities related to specific instruments/accessories for cross-brand promotions, in-store up-sells, impulse buys, and more.  

Campaign Examples: Guitarist’s New Best Friend, Harmonica For Songwriters, Pairing Harp w/ Effects Pedals, Music Genre Association

The Guitarist’s New Best Friend

Find out why Lee Oskar Harmonicas are the choice of guitar players everywhere, looking to add a new sound to their music. This campaign is targeted toward positioning Lee Oskar Harmonicas as an essential guitar accessory.


The Songwriter’s Best Kept Secret

Find out why Lee Oskar Harmonicas are the best tool for songwriting. Write hook lines, experiment with melodies and chord progressions easily and quickly get your songs together. The perfect tool to take with you anywhere and pull out whenever you feel inspired.


Effects Are Not Only For Guitar…

Learn how to do in-store cross promotions with our marketing concepts which ‘bridge the gap’ between guitar and harmonica.