The Guitarist’s New Best Friend

Targeted Marketing & Cross Promotion


Harmonicas and guitars belong together!

This campaign appeals to guitarists with the message that the harmonica is an ideal companion throughout the guitar player’s musical journey. Using the harmonica holder, also referred to as a “neck rack”, guitarists can easily add variety to their music and elevate their artistry by incorporating harmonica into their music. For best effect, we position the harmonica holder as a guitar accessory rather than as a harmonica accessory. As a special promotion tied in with guitars, retailers can run a giveaway of a free harmonica holder during a specified period, while supplies last.

The giveaway can be set up online and/or through mail-in with proof of purchase. Digital marketing, social media messaging, print ads and in-store promotions can position this giveaway in the guitar section.. Of special interest to guitar customers, the Lee Oskar Harmonicas website provides many educational resources for guitarists, including video tutorials, notation layouts and key charts to help guitarists of all levels easily incorporate harmonica into their music.