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Building In-Store Awareness

Get more eyes on the prize! Harmonicas can be a miscategorized as a ‘niche’ instrument, and sometimes can be a challenge to sell as typically they are under a glass display case to prevent light fingers from walking them out the door.

Our goal is to help retailers to build “In-store awareness” of our products and generate interest back to the display case.


Using engaging print media to build product awareness:

  1. Through printed posters that act as advocates for our products, and generate customer interest. These are typically hung in other areas of the store such as guitar, amp and effects sections to “Bridge the Gap” between Lee Oskar Harmonicas and other instruments.
  2. Using tent cards effectively to the same purpose, with less real estate, the messaging is the same.
  3. Postcards and rack cards can provide a similar effect, offering more information about our products and generating continued brand awareness.