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Building In-Store Awareness

Get more eyes on the prize! Harmonicas can be a miscategorized as a ‘niche’ instrument, and sometimes can be a challenge to sell as typically they are under a glass display case to prevent light fingers from walking them out the door.

Our goal is to help retailers to build “In-store awareness” of our products and generate interest back to the display case.

The following poster print materials contain ‘print-ready’ quality PDF downloads. We also provide links to the original files and fonts used to create them for additional global localization and translation.


Using engaging print media to build product awareness:

Lee Oskar Harmonicas – Music Genres Association Chart


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Print and hang this handy 11″x17″ (28cm x 43cm) poster in-store to allow customers to quickly make music genre associations to the proper Lee Oskar Harmonicas model that suits them.

Lee Oskar Harmonicas – Sample Keys Chart


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This informational 11″x17″ (28cm x 43cm) poster provides a quick, helpful overview of the 4 Lee Oskar Harmonica models in sample keys with a handy key chart to show the variations in note adjustment between them.

Lee Oskar Harmonicas – The Guitarist’s New Best Friend


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This informational 11″x17″ (28cm x 43cm) poster gives a visual association of the Lee Oskar Harmonica as a supplemental instrument for guitar players and songwriters. Featuring the Lee Oskar Harmonicas neck rack and a quick overview of the 4 models and their associated music genres.

Lee Oskar Harmonicas – With Guitar


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This portrait of famous blues artist, “Keb’ Mo'” is an 11″x17″ (28cm x 43cm) poster which makes a strong argument that Lee Oskar Harmonicas are fun and easy to play with guitar; perfect for songwriters and players in any musical genre.

Lee Oskar Harmonicas – With Effects


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This 11″x17″ (28cm x 43cm) poster features Ketch Secor, (frontman of “Old Crow Medicine Show”) and a row of guitar effects. This cross-product imagery shows that guitar effects have more than one use, and are ripe for experimentation especially with our harmonicas.

Lee Oskar Harmonicas – Get the Low Down


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This 11″x17″ (28cm x 43cm) poster features upcoming marketing for the Lee Oskar Harmonicas line of Major Diatonic harmonicas in additional Low keys.